Our Matriarchy

Men get the credit. Women deserve it. We’re in it together.

Why “Our Matriarchy”?

Whether you are a spouse, a mother, a sister, an entrepreneur, or just a bad a** b**tch, you are bound to achieve great things.

But together, we are unstoppable. Why… because it’s Our Matriarchy.

(Also accepting applications from men who can appreciate a strong woman!)

What to expect…

From homeschool learning moments, to meal planning, to investing, to budgeting/frugality, and everything in between. If it’s something that will help my family grow or make/save us money, I’m on it and ready to share it with you!

Latest Posts:


Dollar Store Finds

Learning doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact most learning moments shouldn’t cost any at all. Most learning should be done by observing surroundings, studying relationships, analyzing patterns, and creating situations that peak further curiosity. But for the times I want to supplement our learning moments with actual products, I’m more thanContinue reading “Dollar Store Finds”

woman in white and green shirt holding yellow plastic bag

79 Day Challenge

When you hear the word, CHALLENGE, do you cringe or is your curiosity peaked? If you cringe, I’m sorry. Please keep reading though. If your curiosity is peaked, great! You are in good company, because I’ve got a challenge for you! With our strict social distancing due to COVID19, I have spent an unprecedented amountContinue reading “79 Day Challenge”

Playdough Letter Practice

(This page contains an affiliate link. For more info see my disclosures here.) Along with simply playing with playdough with her hands, we got these nifty little gadgets. I really like the Colorations set, shown above, because the kids’ imaginations go wild as they create different Playdough creatures. It also makes it to where myContinue reading “Playdough Letter Practice”