“Oh! You have your hands full!”

That simple, yet oh so observant phrase, used to give me all of the negative feels. I know I am not the only mother to have ever heard it and cringe, because it’s typically said during a time of disarray and when this type of commentary is not needed or all that helpful either. I have also always found it very amusing that the person saying it says it as if he or she is the very first person to have ever said it to me. So it comes to no surprise, that I used to take that phrase as an insult, whether that was the true purpose of the comment or not. Now though, I take it as a compliment. Why the sudden change? Well, because it means that my life is far from boring. It means that the observer/commentator notices the chaos, the mess, the screams, the hugs and kisses, the handholds, the endless questions and observations, and the crazy amount of love that my 4 kids give to me at any given moment. Is it exhausting at times? Heck yes it is. I would be bold face lying if I tried to sugar coat it. In fact, I will admit, it isn’t exhausting at just sometimes, but at MOST times. But isn’t everything in life when you give it your all? Especially when your hands are full.

What is your response to statements like this?

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