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Our days always look a little different, but there are a few things that we consistently incorporate into them. I have found that these activities are typically pretty short, but they allow us the time to review some math, get some reading time in, and allow the kids some quiet time. If you ask my kids to put the list in order from the most favorite activity to least it would go as follows:

  1. Snack money
  2. Creative time
  3. Couch reading

Snack money: This is by far the kids’ favorite time and they will most definitely let me know when I have forgotten about it! Everyday they get a set amount of money that can be spent towards delicious snacks of their choosing. More about this activity and extensions can be found here.

Creative time: During this time the kids get to choose whatever creative activity they want to do. For Kid #1 that means either writing a song or copying the lyrics of one, drawing, coloring, or painting. For Kid #2, that means drawing some sort of monster figure or superhero. For Kid #3, that means painting, cutting and gluing, putting stickers on paper, or playing with playdough. For Kid #4, that typically means doing anything that Kid #3 is doing since they are Besties.

Couch reading time: This is done when Kid #4 is napping, so that we can actually concentrate! We read other small books throughout the day, but this is when we read a chapter book together. I aim to get atleast 2 chapters in during this time, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Sometimes the kids are too restless and we only get 1 chapter in and I send them outside to play off all of their energy! Sometimes though, they are so into the book and we can get a good 3 chapters in! I don’t have a set amount of time for couch reading time because the only objectives here are to expose the kids to reading and just cuddle up with them.

Aside from those 3 things, the ONLY other thing that HAS to happen during the day is OUTSIDE PLAY! You can definitely tell when my kids haven’t had enough outside time. They get “bored” and lazy and down right ornery. When the weather doesn’t cooperate with the kids being able to be outside, you can usually find them playing Legos, LOL dolls and Polly Pockets (hey, atleast they are being imaginative while doing so), or watching tv. (Yes, I probably let my kids watch more tv than they should, but I try to make a learning opportunity from it by having Kid #1 write about a tv show she watched and Kid #2 list the names of the characters and retell the plot of the show to me.)

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