Nature Crowns

One of the main reasons we moved into the current house we live in is because of the backyard. We love being outside as a family, but going somewhere to enjoy the great outdoors is not always possible. Because of this, it is really nice to be able to just step outside our door and have such a nice outdoor space. One activity that was enjoyed by all of the kids was the making of nature crowns.

Frankie chose to enjoy her nature finds by pulling them apart, so she was not able to have a crown made!

This learning moment was so simple and needed only a few things we already had on hand.

  • Cardboard for the crown base. We actually repurposed the back of a large coloring book and cut it into strips to do this.
  • Hole punch and rubber bands to be able to hold the crown together. We tried taping it but the kids wanted it to be flexible enough to take on and off easily.
  • Crayons/markers to decorate the crown as they saw fit.
  • Any nature finds to glue on the crown.
  • Hot glue gun to be able to glue nature finds to the crown. We tried to used regular glue, but it wasn’t string enough.

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