Mom Friends VS Friends

I was wondering the other day if there was a difference between the people I classify as my mom friends and the people I classify as friends. Is one better than the other? There must be right? Yes, one has to be and the friend has to be the one that is superior. At least, I thought so at first. But when I started to actually think about my mom friends, I soon realized that I was wrong.

I think the main difference is that I classify my mom friends as the ones that I have met when my mom flag was being displayed loud and proud. I was a new mom at a Lamaze class feeling terrified (Hey there, Savita!) I was enrolling my first kid into a Mother’s Day Out program and trying to fight back the tears while doing so (I’m thinking of you, Baljit!) I found a mom who liked tequila shots as much as me (Cheers, Abby!) I was new to the area and desperate for a new friend, so I forced myself into a conversation at the kids’ play area in the mall (I’m looking at you, Mai!) I left a cookout excited about a new group text forming (Yep, that group has you in it, Becky!) I found a mom who shared the same frustrations as me and our boys loved each other (Big hugs, Sydney!) These friendships were all created out of my desire to find something in common with the wonderful women around me.

But I think that is the only difference, because you see, once you become my mom friend, you become my friend. We may go in and out of our ability to interact in our friendship, because well, kids take up a lot of time, right?! But because you are my mom friend, you totally get this! And once you make the cut to being called my mom friend, you naturally become my friend. There will always be that bond that we shared over ours kids and then we were able to strengthen that bond because of our own similarities and differences!

So as I type this, I change my answer to, “no, there is no difference.” A mom friend is a friend. A friend that I’m lucky to have in my life!

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