Extension Activities for Snack Money Time

-Talk about marketing and persuasive writing and create an advertisement for your favorite snack in the bin.

-Explain what a “Flash Sale” is. Go further into how many times it has to do with a large amount of supply with a low amount of demand and the need to get rid of products. Talk about why Flash Sales might be needed at times depending on the product. (i.e. restaurant specials)

-Look at a weekly add and pick items out of the add that you would like to include in the snack bin. How much money will you need to purchase the initial supply in order to have it in the store?

-Introduce what sales tax is and include it in the purchase of snacks.

-Put on your imagination caps and create your very own snack for the snack bin. What would it be called? Named? Taste like? Create a wrapper for your snack.

-Play, “Guess the Snack” using your 5 senses one at a time. Talk about which sense helped the most versus least. Talk about the different experiences each sense gave.

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