Always Ask for a Better Deal


You’re too frugal. You’re a cheapskate. You’re not in a Filipino market anymore. I can’t believe you are willing to ask that question.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a statement like this, my net worth would be a heck of a lot higher.

One of the biggest life lessons my father taught me was to never be afraid to ask for something. The worse they can say is, no. If they do indeed say no, you have two choices. You can move on and look for another deal or you can continue with your transaction. If they say yes though, imagine all of the possibilities. None possible without taking the first step and asking.

Here are some questions to never be afraid to ask:

Is there a cash discount? If you know that you will be purchasing something that may be significant in price, ask if there is a cash discount. Many companies are more than happy to take off a % in order to accommodate this request. They will either take off the credit card transaction fee, or just a set amount of money. I recently was able to save several hundred dollars on big ticket home renovations all because I asked for a cash discount.

Is there a time when work is low and we can get a better deal? If work or products can be withheld for a certain amount a time, it may work in your favor to wait until a down time. When business is slow for companies, they are more willing to give discounts in order to get business coming in.

Is that the best you can do? This question may lead to a lower price or it can lead to another type of deal. For example, when recently asking about a service I was requesting, I asked the contractor this question. In this particular scenario, the price stayed the same, but several items were added into the contract “free” of charge. Items that would not have been added had I not had been willing to ask the question in the first place.

I have X amount of money, are you willing to take this amount instead of your asking price? Sometimes there is no wiggle room with your budget. There is simply, “I have X amount, will you accept this?” On more than one occasion, I have been able to complete a transaction because of this statement. When I have been turned down initially, I respond with the statement below.

If you should change your mind at a later date, please feel free to let me know. One of the biggest turn offs during a transaction is being overbearing and pushy. It’s a turn off for both, buyer and seller. If I am trying to seek a better deal and am turned down, I always follow up with this statement. This has helped me score some pretty good deals in the past. One deal was a set of chairs for FREE. They were initially listed for $100. I offered $25 knowing that was much lower than the asking price, but what my budget allowed. After many people making the seller offers, but not showing up, he contacted me and said that I could have them for free if I was willing to pick up that day.

Do you offer a discount if we are willing to display a sign showing you did the work? This is advertisement for the company doing the work for you. Most times, companies are willing to shave off a few dollars from the bill for this service.

Are there any coupons or deals that you can give me if I sign up or purchase today? Some companies are so ready to gain your business that they are willing to give you a deal on something if you make a commitment at that moment. I typically ask this question last, knowing that I am going to commit to the deal anyway. It’s my Hail Mary pass to see if I can squeeze a few dollars out of the deal so that they can stay in my wallet instead.

Just be silent. Though not a question, just being silent can make a contractor/company/service provider/seller start spouting off deals and/or lower prices. Silence can be very uncomfortable. It can lead to doubt on both ends of a transaction. I try to make it work in my favor. I either stay silent until they ask me what I am thinking or I stay silent for them to tell me what they are thinking. Most people just want to be listened to and once they feel heard, they are willing to start making and closing deals.

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