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Why don’t people on the other side of the world fall off?

Is the sun we see the same one they see in China?

What do they eat in India?

What time is it in the Philippines?

Maggie has always been full of these types of questions. Partly because one of her grandmothers lives in the Philippines. Maybe because the grandmother who lives with her was born in Ireland. Somewhat because one grandfather goes on an exotic trip once a year and brings her a trinket each time. But mostly because that is just who she is. For her 8th birthday, we had scheduled to go with her grandfather to Peru, but 2020 was not going to allow that. The planned trip further ignited her fire to travel and go on adventures.

I thought it would be fun for Maggie to travel virtually to the countries of her choosing. To document these trips, I purchased these passports ** from Amazon. Each country Maggie chooses to “visit” will be documented in an individual passport.

There are 12 pages (24 front and back) in each passport and each page shares some important information that Maggie learned while “visiting” the country.

  • Continent it can be found on and capital city
  • Language(s) spoken
  • Foods eaten
  • Animals and plants seen
  • Famous landmarks
  • Money type
  • Cool facts
  • Country flag
  • Pictures “taken”

To “visit” the countries, Maggie had to practice researching and taking notes. She read different articles and travel blogs, as well as watched several YouTube videos. She even reached out to family and friends who had either been to or lived in the country.

For her first trip she chose to go to India. When she got back from her trip, she couldn’t wait to show me her passport filled with wonderful information and “memories”. She even shared that she would like to make some of the Indian cuisine she “tried” on her trip!

She even gave an oral presentation to the family to share her passport!

I can’t wait to see what country she “visits” next!

**Everyone who knows me knows that I am always looking for the best deal available. I will even try to haggle that deal! When I purchased these passports, they were the cheapest per book. I do not feel like quality was compromised for the price either.

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