Goldfish Learning

I am a huge fan of hitting as many birds with one stone as possible. I also try to do this while giving my children learning moments. This activity is a good example of this. It helped Rosie continue to practice her fine motor skills, letter recognition, number recognition, counting, adding and subtracting, and writing skills.

We started the activity introducing the letter “Ff”. I love the Montessori approach to introducing letters as their sound, as opposed to their name. So that is exactly how we learn letter recognition in our house.

The first thing Rosie had to do was trace the letter “Ff” with her finger and say the sound as she did so. She then used the tongs to fish out the goldfish from the bowl and placed them on the lines in order to make the capital and lower case “Ff”.

Then of course, it was break time for a quick snack on the goldfish! After snack though, Rosie practiced her fine motor skills by tracing and coloring in 6 circles to make her very own fishbowls.

Once all of the fishbowls had water in them, Rosie watched me write the numbers “1-6” at the top of the fishbowls and she then traced them with a marker. (Markers are so much cooler than crayons in our house for some reason!)

Now that the fishbowls were “filled with water” and appropriately numbered, it was time to place the correct amount of fish in each bowl. One of Rosie’s favorite things to say while she is gluing with liquid glue is, “Just a dot, not a lot!” This helps remind her to stop squeezing as soon as she sees a dot of glue instead of trying to empty the container out! (This one sentence has saved me from so many clean ups!)

We finished the activity by counting how many fish were in all fishbowls and I asked her a few questions that allowed her to practice her simple adding and subtracting skills. Here you have it! The final product is a bunch of happy little fishes in their corresponding fish bowls and a 4 year old who is extremely proud of her work and very full from snacking on Goldfish!

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