79 Day Challenge

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When you hear the word, CHALLENGE, do you cringe or is your curiosity peaked? If you cringe, I’m sorry. Please keep reading though. If your curiosity is peaked, great! You are in good company, because I’ve got a challenge for you!

With our strict social distancing due to COVID19, I have spent an unprecedented amount of time in my home. Like many others, I have been inspired to redecorate, organize, and change the layout of furniture. Embarrassingly, this has caused me to spend more money than I would like. And honestly, money that I probably would not have spent if I weren’t stuck at home all day, every day.

In an effort to combat the urge to spend money and give in to consumerism to make “life better”, I have decided to give myself a 79 day challenge. And lucky you, I am asking you to complete the challenge with me!

Why 79 days? Because that’s how many days left we have in 2020. (Can you believe that? 79 more days and the year is over!)

What’s the challenge? Get rid of, at the very minimum, an item a day in the house that will total up to minimizing atleast 79 items.

How can we get rid of the items? Sell them on Facebook marketplace, donate, and/or throw away.

Why do I feel like this challenge is important for me to post? Because it’s a simple, but effective challenge that everyone can do. It’s quite easy. We will do the opposite of spend money. By choosing to minimize and clear our household space, we will not only give ourselves the chance to make and save money, but we will also declutter our houses. It naturally hits two birds with one stone:

1. It keeps the budget at the forefront when consumerism is tempting. If you are in the mindset of clearing out your space versus filling it, you tend to spend less money. That money can then be allocated towards other things (i.e. stocks, principal payment on your mortgage, savings, or emergency fund). You can also sell the items you are minimizing and allocate the money made towards the items mentioned.

2. It declutters the house one item at a time. Walk around your house. Pick up just one item a day that you haven’t used. You may even be able to find an item that you have conveniently relocated several times because you may use it later. If it is something you can make money off of, sell it. If it’s something you feel better about donating, donate it. If it’s something that has a missing piece and/or is broken, throw it away. If you are worried you may need or want it in the immediate future, put it in a bin in the garage and if you haven’t taken it back it in 79 days, get rid of it for good.

So how about it? Are you up for the challenge? I know 79 items may sound like a lot initially, but unless you are already a minimalist, it should be pretty easy to minimize 79 items in your house.

I look forward to sharing my challenge outcome with you in 79 days. Better yet, I can’t wait to hear how it went for you!

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