Advertisement Math Mini Moments

“Mom! Blueberries are $1 more at Price Chopper than at Aldi!”

-We spoke about how some stores pay different prices for items based on volume and brand of product.

“Mom! Why are cut up watermelons so much more expensive than a whole watermelon?”

-We spoke about how you pay a hefty convenience fee for items that are precut or prepackaged.

“Mom, this says I can buy 2 items and get 1 free, but it’s not showing me the price of the item. How is that fair?”

-We spoke about the purpose of advertisements and how some people get caught up on the “deal” and don’t realize that they may still be paying more per item when all is said and done.

Other ways to extend lesson:

-Talk about place value of tenths and hundredths.

-Talk about the importance of taking inventory of what you already have in order to reduce waste and save money.

-Talk about the quality of foods and how they impact health and nutrition.

-Talk about the price differences between fresh food and packaged food.

-Talk about the difference between perishable and non-perishable items.

-Dissect advertisements and see what type of words/images they use to promote products.

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