Always Ask for a Better Deal

You’re too frugal. You’re a cheapskate. You’re not in a Filipino market anymore. I can’t believe you are willing to ask that question. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a statement like this, my net worth would be a heck of a lot higher. One of the biggest life lessons myContinue reading “Always Ask for a Better Deal”

I Don’t Like Playing With My Kids

I don’t like playing with my kids. There I said it. I can feel the judgement starting to form. But let me clarify. I love my kids dearly. I love spending time with them. I love doing activities with them. But playing with them? That’s another story. Being an elementary teacher by trade, I willContinue reading “I Don’t Like Playing With My Kids”

Does Worry Cause Harm?

Me: “Be careful!” Kid: “Why?” Me: “Because you could fall!” Kid: “I’m scared! Can you help me down? Well, crap. That conversation accomplished absolutely nothing positive. I successfully brought fear into my child when I had the ability to bring empowerment. Have you ever done that? Unfortunately, this highly anxious mama does it all ofContinue reading “Does Worry Cause Harm?”

10 Different Ways to Play with a Deck of Cards

(This page contains an affiliate link. For more info see my disclosures here.) Play WAR but switch it up: Who’s card is the highest? Who’s card is the lowest? Who can shout out the answer to a math problem between the cards the quickest? (Add the numbers together, subtract the smallest from the largest, multiplyContinue reading “10 Different Ways to Play with a Deck of Cards”

“Stop! Don’t touch me there!”

“Stop! Don’t touch me there! This is my no no square!” I was in my 2nd year of teaching and we were outside during recess. The 5th grade boys were running around playing touch football or tag and the girls were in a circle giggling and chanting. As I sat watching them do what IContinue reading ““Stop! Don’t touch me there!””

Pay yourself first!

From the time I was a kid, I can remember my Uncle Jerry telling me that the first rule of finance is, “Pay yourself first.” Emphasized by, “A ditch digger can be rich if he adheres to rule number one.” Years later, while attending premarital Catholic classes the priest asked “Who knows the first ruleContinue reading “Pay yourself first!”

How to not be bad with money…

Struggling to pay your bills? Can’t find money to eat out? You are bad with money. Most money conversations that I take part in, center around the idea that someone is bad with money. Let me kill this common misconception. There is no such thing as “being bad with money.” You spend more than youContinue reading “How to not be bad with money…”

“You’ve just got what we call Mom Wrists.”

After having our 4th kid, Frankie, my body hated me! It ached more than it ever did with the other 3 children. My back was more sore when I would breastfeed. My feet hurt a little more as they widened during pregnancy, which I had heard could happened, but had never experienced before! My absContinue reading ““You’ve just got what we call Mom Wrists.””