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Dollar Store Finds

Learning doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact most learning moments shouldn’t cost any at all. Most learning should be done by observing surroundings, studying relationships, analyzing patterns, and creating situations that peak further curiosity. But for the times I want to supplement our learning moments with actual products, I’m more thanContinue reading “Dollar Store Finds”

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79 Day Challenge

When you hear the word, CHALLENGE, do you cringe or is your curiosity peaked? If you cringe, I’m sorry. Please keep reading though. If your curiosity is peaked, great! You are in good company, because I’ve got a challenge for you! With our strict social distancing due to COVID19, I have spent an unprecedented amountContinue reading “79 Day Challenge”

Playdough Letter Practice

(This page contains an affiliate link. For more info see my disclosures here.) Along with simply playing with playdough with her hands, we got these nifty little gadgets. I really like the Colorations set, shown above, because the kids’ imaginations go wild as they create different Playdough creatures. It also makes it to where myContinue reading “Playdough Letter Practice”

Making Marks

One of Frankie’s (and my) favorite thing to give her is an Expo marker. Sometimes she draws on the white board and sometimes she draws on the windows that are at her level. When she is feeling extra creative she chooses to draw on herself. I try not to give her too many restrictions whenContinue reading “Making Marks”

Goldfish Learning

I am a huge fan of hitting as many birds with one stone as possible. I also try to do this while giving my children learning moments. This activity is a good example of this. It helped Rosie continue to practice her fine motor skills, letter recognition, number recognition, counting, adding and subtracting, and writingContinue reading “Goldfish Learning”

3-D Box Making

Before I go any further, I have to admit something about this learning moment. Maggie’s beta fish, Lily, passed away the other day and she wanted to bury it. This prompted the making of a fish casket for Lily, so that we could give her a proper burial in the backyard fairy garden. Though sheContinue reading “3-D Box Making”

Snack Making

Because Johnny struggles with his fine motor skills, I am always looking for ways to help him strengthen them without making him feel like he is failing at or lacking the skill. Cooking or putting together food has been of big interest to him lately, so I let him take the lead. For this “JohnnyContinue reading “Snack Making”

Advertisement Math

This learning moment was a fun one for Maggie! Because I like to always get more than one subject in at a time, the first thing we spoke about was the different food groups. We thought back to what they had for lunch and realized I was successful in getting 4 out of the 5Continue reading “Advertisement Math”

Country Passports

(This page contains an affiliate link. For more info see my disclosures here.) Why don’t people on the other side of the world fall off? Is the sun we see the same one they see in China? What do they eat in India? What time is it in the Philippines? Maggie has always been fullContinue reading “Country Passports”

Introducing Our Children to Their Gremlins

(This page contains an affiliate link. For more info see my disclosures here.) Many parents try to keep their kids away from uncomfortable things. My husband and I are not like many parents. We choose to introduce our children to uncomfortable things in order to give them the tools to deal with stepping out ofContinue reading “Introducing Our Children to Their Gremlins”


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