Introducing Our Children to Their Gremlins

(This page contains an affiliate link. For more info see my disclosures here.) Many parents try to keep their kids away from uncomfortable things. My husband and I are not like many parents. We choose to introduce our children to uncomfortable things in order to give them the tools to deal with stepping out ofContinue reading “Introducing Our Children to Their Gremlins”

I Don’t Like Playing With My Kids

I don’t like playing with my kids. There I said it. I can feel the judgement starting to form. But let me clarify. I love my kids dearly. I love spending time with them. I love doing activities with them. But playing with them? That’s another story. Being an elementary teacher by trade, I willContinue reading “I Don’t Like Playing With My Kids”

Does Worry Cause Harm?

Me: “Be careful!” Kid: “Why?” Me: “Because you could fall!” Kid: “I’m scared! Can you help me down? Well, crap. That conversation accomplished absolutely nothing positive. I successfully brought fear into my child when I had the ability to bring empowerment. Have you ever done that? Unfortunately, this highly anxious mama does it all ofContinue reading “Does Worry Cause Harm?”

“Stop! Don’t touch me there!”

“Stop! Don’t touch me there! This is my no no square!” I was in my 2nd year of teaching and we were outside during recess. The 5th grade boys were running around playing touch football or tag and the girls were in a circle giggling and chanting. As I sat watching them do what IContinue reading ““Stop! Don’t touch me there!””

“You’ve just got what we call Mom Wrists.”

After having our 4th kid, Frankie, my body hated me! It ached more than it ever did with the other 3 children. My back was more sore when I would breastfeed. My feet hurt a little more as they widened during pregnancy, which I had heard could happened, but had never experienced before! My absContinue reading ““You’ve just got what we call Mom Wrists.””

“2020: The year drive-bys became a positive thing”

I was recently texting with a friend of mine and she told me that her son requested a “Johnny drive-by”. My immediate thought was, “Ha, only COVID19 would make drive-bys a positive thing!” Isn’t that a crazy thought? That the term “drive-by” is now a common term used these days meant to provoke happiness insteadContinue reading ““2020: The year drive-bys became a positive thing””

“Oh! You have your hands full!”

That simple, yet oh so observant phrase, used to give me all of the negative feels. I know I am not the only mother to have ever heard it and cringe, because it’s typically said during a time of disarray and when this type of commentary is not needed or all that helpful either. IContinue reading ““Oh! You have your hands full!””