Extension Activities for Country Passports

This learning moment may have been placed in the Social Studies portion of the blog, but there were many skills reinforced throughout. Here are some examples how you can make sure to practice or introduce other skills.

  • Continent it can be found on and capital city- Locate the country on the continent it is on. Find out how many miles it is from where you live. How long would it take to travel there? What method would you have to take to get there? What are the neighboring countries?
  • Language(s) spoken- Find out how to say basic conversational words in the language. (Ex. Hi. Good morning/evening. How are you? Thank you!) Look further into the language to see if there are any similarities between the language that is spoken in that country and the language you speak. Do the letters look the same?
  • Foods eaten- Find a recipe of a food that you would like to try and give it a shot! Look at the different ingredients that are used and see if you use them for things that are familiar to you. Sort the different foods into the 5 food groups. See if you notice a trend. Does this country eat more fruits and vegetables? Or does it eat more protein and grains?
  • Animals and plants seen- Talk about whether or not these animals/plants can be found where you live as well. Have you ever seen them in person or on tv? Find out if the animals are endangered species. Find out if the plants are edible or poisonous. Talk about the different habitats that these animals/can be found in.
  • Famous landmarks- Research more about these places. What makes them famous? Is it a free place to visit or is there a fee to be there? If possible, what type of souvenirs can be bought there?
  • Money type- Talk about currency and exchange rates. Calculate the exchange rate of your currency with the other. What is the cost of living like in that country? Find out how much items cost there and compare to what they cost where you live.
  • Cool facts- Make a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the cool facts about the country you visited and some cool facts about where you live. Does the country you visited and the country you live in have anything on common? Talk about facts and opinions.
  • Country flag- Find out the history and origin of how the flag was made? What do the symbols and colors represent? Has the flag changed over time? If so, what did the very first flag look like?
  • Pictures “taken”- Make an outline of the country and create a collage inside of it with the pictures that were taken.
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