Quitting School to Start Learning

Why we do what we do:

Our main goal is to love learning. Ultimately, we want to take away the worksheets and the structured schedule and bring on the endless curiosity. In turn, natural comprehension will soon take place.

What do we do?

Our solution to educating our children during the pandemic was to quit school! We homeschool our kids ranging from 1.5 years- 2nd grade, with a little unschooling & free range parenting in the mix. If we had to give it a label, we would say we are a “relaxed homeschooling” family.

But how long will it last?

We have absolutely no clue and that is ok. Most days we are winging it and that is ok too. Our words of the year are “flexibility” and “grace”. As long as we continue to remain flexible and give ourselves grace, all will be ok. We plan to take it day by day and reassess as necessary.

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