Here is a continuously updated list of many websites and resources we use:
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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library offers a wonderful, age appropriate book to all registered children from the ages 0-5 for FREE every month! Yes, 12 books a year from birth to 5 years old! They come addressed to the child which makes my children really excited when they get their very own book in the mail. The books received are always engaging and of high quality content. We have never been unimpressed with the books we have received! In fact, many of the books have turned into our family favorites. This program is available in many areas, but check your availability, because I know some friends have not been able to register. The foundation has expanded so much since Maggie (age 7) was registered, so I’m crossing my fingers for you and hoping your location is available!

*Click the highlighted link to register your child and to start/continue building a superb library at home!

Story Line Online

Story Line Online brings literature alive by offering read alouds of books geared towards Kindergarten through 4th grade. My kids love that the books become animated as they are read by famous actors. (Though my kids do not always know who they are.) The books are always read with a lot of expression, keeping the kids thoroughly engaged. Supplemental curriculum is included as well, for those who want to extend learning beyond the read aloud. This is a FREE resource as well, making it that much better!


IXL offers practice for kids from pre-k to 8th grade, with specialty subjects, like Algebra and Calculus included. It covers Reading and Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social studies topics based on your state curriculum. Now there is even an option to add in Spanish! With 3 areas of Learning, Diagnostics, and Analytics, it shares a wealth of information about where your child falls according to state standards. We use this more of a tool to help me keep track of areas my kids might need to be introduced to if they haven’t already. Since you are not required to stay at you grade level, we jump around from grade to grade. We do this if something is too easy or even too hard. We also do this based on interest. You do have the option for a free trial, but after the trial it is $129/yr for Reading and Language Arts and Math for one child and $159/yr for Reading and Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. If you have more than one child it is an additional $40 per kid.


Raz-Kids offers online reading practice by reading level for kindergarten-5th grade. With over 800 books (in this program alone), there are a ton of book options to choose from. One of my kids’ favorite parts of this program is that they earn a set amount of stars for every book they choose to listen to or read. Depending on the reading level, quizzes are given after the book is read. They then get to use these stars to create their own avatar and design their own transportation device for it. (My son will actually see something in the “store” that he can’t afford and will ask if he can read a few more books in order to get the stars to purchase it!) When the kids use it alone, they have the option to hover over words they do not know and have them said aloud, which is a pretty neat tool. I can only speak for the Raz-Kids portion of the program, but they do offer other programs such as Science, Writing, Vocabulary, and HeadSprout. You do have the option for a free trial, but after the trial it is $115.45/yr or $105.45/yr with the current $10 off promo they currently have. I believe the limit to the number of kids on an account it 30. But please don’t hold me to it, I can’t seem to find the exact number anymore. (I have 3 of my kids in the program for no additional charge per kid.)


Zipschool provides online classes that run around 30 minutes via Zoom. The teachers are very interactive with the kids and make learning so much fun for little ones from ages 4-9. A variety of subjects are available and updated every Sunday. Some subjects are: art, animals, fossils, culture, physics, space, engineering, biology, and geology. (I told you there is a long list!) Word of advice though, I hear the more subjects that you express interest in when you initially sign up, the more classes are made available to you. The booking process is extremely easy and for the time being it is absolutely FREE! No credit card is required to sign up either. (Though I cannot find out how long this will be the case, but for the time being, try as many classes as you would like!)

*Click the highlighted link to start registering for your free classes today!

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