Making Marks

One of Frankie’s (and my) favorite thing to give her is an Expo marker. Sometimes she draws on the white board and sometimes she draws on the windows that are at her level.

When she is feeling extra creative she chooses to draw on herself.

So proud of her masterpiece!

I try not to give her too many restrictions when it comes to her drawing surfaces, but my hard no’s are on furniture and walls. A friend of mine recently asked if I was confusing Frankie with allowing her to write on the windows, but not the walls, and I honestly don’t think so. If anything, I actually see it as a learning moment because it allows her the ability to distinguish the differences between surfaces. Did it take a few tries and mishaps? Of course it did. But now, 9 times out of 10, I can hand her a marker and trust that her masterpieces end up on the correct surface.

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